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Pick Your Furniture…

Posted on March 29, 2011

Around three  years back, a group of Paris based entrepreneurs started MyFab, an internet furniture retailer that is doing more to change the industry than any other company since IKEA.  MyFab’s products are very similar to those of its competitors (often identical), and the markets it is reaching out to (western Europe and the US) have  been saturated with many creative designers and efficient producers … So how is MyFab revolutionizing the industry? What is the secret of its success?


Posted on March 23, 2011

Hey! Welcome to our blog on Renaissance Innovation. Here we plan to share our latest research, case studies and thoughts on ideas that disrupt industries, revolutionize the business landscape, and generate immense wealth– all by selling exactly the same products as competitors to the same customers, but by reinventing the operating model of the industry. We call such ideas, and the process of identifying, generating and refining them the The Renaissance Innovation Method, or simply Renaissance Innovation. Who is a Renaissance Innovator? Why call it Renaissance?